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How LexInnova Can Help

Across intellectual property analytics, litigation, and corporate legal services, we provide centralized solutions that can improve the results you deliver and significantly reduce your legal spend. Our services enable corporate and outside counsel to expand the range of matters they manage, and scale themselves to handle projects of any size and complexity.

Our integrated team of lawyers, technologists, scientists and legal project managers works as an extension of your legal team to ensure positive outcomes at a cost that ensures value. With LexInnova, you get centralized access to high-caliber technical experts, real-time access to your projects and confidence in a team that always strives for the best.

For Corporations

For Corporations

In today's technology-driven world, every business problem has a legal implication and every legal issue has business consequences. Backed by the knowledge and experience of our team of experts, we combine technical expertise and legal insight to act as an extension of your legal team.


For Law Firms

For Law Firms

LexInnova understands the challenges faced by outside counsel in today's business environment. We work with AM200 as well as top-tier boutique law firms by helping them maximize efficiency, profitability and value they deliver to their clients.


Our Engagement Process

Our Approach


We strive to create a true partnership with our clients. Our established communication channels, unambiguous pricing and proprietary collaborative technology – LexConnectTM help us achieve just that.


We incorporate technology in every phase of our engagement, analysis, and delivery process. This allows us to minimize cost and ensure that we always deliver maximum value.


Using LexConnectTM allows clients to monitor and control all aspects of the project. Clients can login securely to access information and view a dashboard of our project progress in real-time.


Our engagement process facilitates timely feedback and continuous learning. This ensures that we are constantly improving our understanding and improving deliverable quality.

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