LexInnova Whitepaper: Source Code Review – Mitigating Risks and Reducing Costs

Date: May 10, 2016

LexInnova announces its latest whitepaper on source code review and best practices that can help counsel conduct and host a reasonable inspection of code produced during a patent or trade secrets litigation.

Source Code is arguably the most powerful tool in a litigator's war chest. Yet, counsel often struggle to understand not only how the code functions, but even what code exists and how it can be made available for reasonable inspection. Both code production and code review can be labor intensive, expensive and fraught with security risks that may jeopardize the client's business.

In this paper we take a look at various considerations that counsel must deliberate on to ensure a reasonable but secure inspection of source code including:

  • Size and Scope of Production
  • Representative Versions
  • Number of Reviewers/Computers
  • Location of Review
  • Electronic Devices in Review Room
  • Code Review Tools and Software
  • Volume of Printouts
  • Use of Technical Consultants

Click Here to read the whitepaper: Source Code Review – Mitigating Risks and Reducing Costs.

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