5G Network Technology

5G or 5th generation mobile network implies the next major phase of mobile telecommunications standards and technologies beyond the current 4G standards. Historically, every new wireless network generation has appeared every 10 years starting with ‘1G’ in early 1980’s, ‘2G’ in 1990’s, ‘3G’ in 2000’s and ‘4G’ in 2010’s. Fifth generation mobile network is expected to start deploying in 2020. The need for 5G is being driven by consumer data, connectivity for IoT (Internet-of-Things) devices and low latency virtual/augmented reality applications.

In this report, we review the major licensing activity within the history of mobile technology and determine early trends for 5G mobile network technology. We list promising technologies under consideration in development and deployment of 5G networks. We then perform a patent landscape of key technologies. The goal of this report is to provide early knowledge to in-house IP counsel, thus enabling them to devise strategies for IP management for 5G. This will allow companies involved in application and services for mobile commerce to develop intellectual property and partner with companies in order to minimize licensing cost and maximize licensing revenue.